We find ourselves more and more immersed in an ocean of bidimensionality. Prints, screens, displays, interfaces inescapably frame the existence of the 21st-century human, flattening the third dimension of our world to a mere, yet endless flow of shallow images. This work tries to exacerbate this condition, pushing it to a further extreme step: the collapse of the second dimension. Moving from one of the most spread forms of representation of our time – movies and motion pictures – it ignites the collapse of the second dimension of the image, leaving room for the only remaining perceivable dimension: time. Therefore, content does not matter anymore; what the original video sequence portrayed is now not accessible, the only aspect that still survives is its temporal evolution. Frames become fragments of meaning in the flow of time, and the more or less rhythmic sequences of the "cuts", the foremost singularities/discontinuities in the narration are now exposed.